It's The Way We Think

Zar is about more than the exchange and promotion of goods. It is about a service philosophy that takes profound responsibility for the goods and brands we deliver to our customers. At Zar, we take a proactive approach that provides strategic advice born of the experience and know-how professionals working with us.

Our founders and team are industry veterans who are all experts in their fields, giving us a unique insight into trading, market distribution and supply chain management. Our culture is built on a strong foundation of solid values, and our passion and experience is unequaled. We all love what we do, we all believe in the power of customer engagement, and together we will exceed industry expectations and lead the revolution to provide quality services to everyone.

We drive a clear strategy for growth to continuously increase our market share and enable sustainable profit growth as we help our business partners expand their businesses. We achieve this by:

  • Focusing on existing businesses – We focus on growing existing markets organically through business development and multiplying success stories.
  • Strengthening service offering – We continually enhance our service and product to provide our partners and customers with high-quality, comprehensive, tailor-made, and integrated services.
  • Increasing operational efficiency – We strengthen our dominant market position continuously to leverage economies of scale, realize operational synergies, and improve operational excellence.
  • A financially stable and dependable partner – Through diligently implementing our strategy for growth, we are able to offer our clients and customers comprehensive, tailor-made services, access to a global network of experts with deep local market knowledge and relationships.

Our Strategy