BackWPup log for Backup_zar_Monthly from March 5, 2021 at 1:49 AM

[INFO] BackWPup 3.8.0; A project of Inpsyde GmbH
[INFO] WordPress 5.6.2 on
[INFO] Log Level: Normal
[INFO] BackWPup job: Backup_zar_Monthly
[INFO] Logfile is: backwpup_log_73dd03_2021-03-05_01-49-52.html
[INFO] Backup file is: 2021-03-05_01-49-52_H2K7AQI301.tar.gz
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:52] 1. Try to backup database …
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:52] Connected to database zarmy_wp456 on localhost
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:53] Added database dump "zarmy_wp456.sql.gz" with 2.63 MB to backup file list
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:53] Database backup done!
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:53] 1. Trying to make a list of folders to back up …
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:55] Added "wp-config.php" to backup file list
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:55] 1702 folders to backup.
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] 1. Trying to generate a file with installed plugin names …
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] Added plugin list file "ZAR-GROUP-OF-COMPANIES.pluginlist.2021-03-05.txt" with 3.10 KB to backup file list.
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] 1. Trying to generate a manifest file …
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] Added manifest.json file with 3.32 KB to backup file list.
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] 1. Trying to create backup archive …
[05-Mar-2021 01:49:56] Compressing files as TarGz. Please be patient, this may take a moment.
[05-Mar-2021 01:50:12] ERROR: Aborted by user!
[05-Mar-2021 01:50:12] ERROR: Job has ended with errors in 20 seconds. You must resolve the errors for correct execution.

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